• Carlie & Tyler

    9 September 2023

Our Story

Our story began one cold Chicago winter night in January 2015. The powers of the OKCupid algorithm had connected Tyler and Carlie and this was their first date at Fiesta Mexicana. Both these yuppies proceeded to enjoy a pitcher of margaritas followed by a quick stop at Insomnia Cookies. Finally, the night had come to an end. As Carlie's Uber pulled up, they shared their first kiss.

Fast forward, Carlie and Tyler had their fair share of challenges. Job searches, graduate school, and a pandemic only brought them closer. Moving in together was the ultimate test, which included something Tyler had always wanted: a fury companion. During one trip to ā€œjust go look at a puppy," they failed, and they became a family of 3.

On December 12th 2021, Carlie, Tyler, and Odin decided to take a walk to Belmont Harbor. It was an unseasonably warm day, and it had been fairly normal for the three of them to enjoy the lake shore path. It wasn't until Tyler suggested they all sit down on a nearby bench, did Carlie grow suspicious. And her instincts were right! On that day, Tyler asked her to be his wife, and she said "Yes!"

We are thrilled that this unique opportunity allows us to bring everyone we hold dearest together to celebrate our love. We hope you can join us on our special day, September 9th, 2023.

Looking forward to see you!


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